Awakening, Baby Steps, Major Leaps, Transformation

When unimaginable challenges happen in life, how do we begin to embrace what has happened? How do we wrap our brains around that 'something' that is immensely challenging, difficult, horrific, when we may not even know which way is up, or which way to turn? Or maybe we can't even breathe. 

And breathe is exactly the next step. Always. And the next step is moving toward EMBRACING it. Through small. Baby. Steps. You may think this is totally crazy.

What I know from moving through incredible adversity in my own life and helping other women in their own journeys: there are specific things we experience at each juncture of healing. Over the years I categorized them into Five Passages that lead to our transformation. If we choose. Each one is a baby step. Each one may take a day or a week. Or a year. Or five years. But they are necessary steps to our next BECOMING. Our evolution depends on the experiences we have, the understanding we receive, the forgiveness we extend and the embracing of "What Is."

This website and its content is dedicated to WOMEN HEALING THEMSELVES  , with the help of other women. Reclaiming their power. I encourage you to read about our story and our Purpose Here


In your incredible journey, allow me share with you some tools to help you start, move forward in grace and find incredible wisdom and strength along the way.


The Five Life Passages of Transformation are the cornerstone of this journey. It's a practice, a process of becoming, an excavation of inner truth, the journey into Self-Actualization, a reintegration with our Divine Feminine Wisdom and Power. Some of these powerful tools offered through Paradigm Alchemy include energy healing, shamanic practices, the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine, Sacred Sound, and sharing from many other wise wisdom that help us grow. Know that we never get to "the end" in all areas of our life. And that's okay. Because we are a beautiful work in progress.  And because Blooming is a Sacred Process. 


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