"The Five Life Passages of Transformation:

A Sacred Journey Through Challenge and Adversity"



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At this momentous time, many of us are challenged by the isolation, uncertainty, financial issues, and other stresses caused by our current global situation. On top of this, these stresses can trigger "the next layer" of hidden, submerged emotions from past experiences that we thought we had completed. 


Through adversity, we can gain wisdom, strength, and power. If you're like me, you've done quite a lot of work around your own adversity, trauma or challenges, yet there's that "something" that might still linger that you can't quite put your finger on. Yet it shows up when you attempt something really BIG in your life, it holds you back, time after time.


What I know from my own experience healing childhood trauma is, even though I "did the work," lots of it, there were still deep, lingering patterns that I could not seem to heal that kept me from being truly happy, truly successful, and truly SEEN for who I am. These patterns included self-esteem issues; deeply buried beliefs about my self-worth that were formed in early childhood; self-sabotage patterns stemming from deep fear of being seen. Therapy couldn't seem to touch these. What DID help shift these was the wisdom of successful women "with a past" like mine, who had also come through the fire and gone on to create very successful, fulfilling lives. 

So I started exploring. I created gatherings with my dear women friends and we shared our commonality around these old patterns. We talked and laughed and loved ourselves and each of us carried these similar ingrained beliefs, "I'm worthless," I'm not enough," "It's not safe to be seen," and so on. And that helped, somewhat. But those beliefs still surfaced whenever I started to do something "really big."

​One day several years ago, I was reflecting on what to offer my women friends for our upcoming Fall Equinox day retreat. The Life Lessons of my childhood were the blueprint that helped to shape the concepts for this e-book. At the time I considered writing this book, I entered into an amazing mentorship of a very skilled Life Coach who led me deep into the wisdom of Feminine Power and into a community of amazing women who fully embraced this wisdom and fully witnessed the power and gifts of each member. These ways of being and witnessing helped each of us finally see the core beliefs we held and the stories that formed them. It allowed us to self-actualize our own potential. When that happened it was like a line of dominoes falling down. 


The Five Life Passages of Transformation blends the wisdom of experiences, healing, witnessing, and embracing and loving it all as Medicine.​

Get ready for a powerful evening of deep inner exploration!

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