When I gathered with those women five years ago in that day retreat in the Boulder CO foothills and shared these Passages with them, I realized we ALL have this adversity. Since then, these Passages have been the core of my women's workshops and retreats and a core principle I work with in all of my private sessions.


The self-ownership created through each one holds us accountable for what we believe about ourselves. Regardless of "what happened," we are solely responsible for how we see it and how it works in our world. That was then, this is NOW.


The Five Life Passages of Transformation is the core tool I share with women in their journeys through adversity. Not surprisingly, several male clients have recently benefited from this tool, as well. Because regardless of the experience or the form it takes in our lives, it is a journey that we ALL share and ALL will revisit many times in our lives. This Passage is a road map of where and how to go next.

Mission: Backstory cont'd