As women we are coming forth



The Sacred Feminine is RISING.

Women around the world are stepping up, 
to heal the SACRED WOUND of the Feminine.

And as we do, we heal our world and Mother Earth.

As women, we carry the entire Universe with us.

For centuries, our birthright and our duty, our innate sacred power,

have been suppressed.


But no longer. The Sacred Feminine is RISING.


Together we are forging a new Paradigm

one of Balance and LOVE.

It starts within US. Then we take it out into the world.

By embracing everything about ourselves,

learning from adversity and pain, we create our MOJO,

our personal Magic that we call upon in giving back to the world.




We need YOU. Will you step up with us?






What is the difference between true personal power 

and what we perceive is personal power? 


Our True Heart is our personal power.

And true Heart-based service enables other women to uncover,

excavate and activate their own True Heart and power.




Deep into the Dreaming.

This is where possibilities weave into energy, space, and consciousness.

We weave the Dream with the threads of our knowing

beyond knowledge, with the intelligence of our Hearts,

the warp and weft are the song of our Hearts.


Dream With Us, Weave With Us

Help Us Heal Our World









Paradigm Alchemy, powered by Myrrh de Marmion

and a host of amazing, gifted, powerful women,

assists other women plumb the depths of their power through:

- Nurturing live content, discussions and powerful conversations

via free live ZOOM gatherings and radio shows; 

- Free workshops, presentations, and Summits;

- Powerful DreamWeaver sessions and courses

to help you embrace your MOJO;

-  Sacred Ceremonies and delicious women's retreats

(coming soon)

We are YOUR Tribe. RISE WITH US! 

My Story....

Adversity in life is part of being human. It makes us stronger. It may also leave its dark mark of pain, distrust, and depression that colors how we experience life. My own journey through childhood adversity and its dark mark was my most difficult, most profound, and most rewarding journey.

The poet Rumi called life “a guest house” in his poem of the same name. He wrote: “A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all!...Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.”


Fully embracing something can be a trick when you don't remember what that "something" is. Yet, when I finally trusted myself to see the experiences that were UNDERNEATH the darkness, and fully embraced them as my power and my gift, a pathway to the other side appeared. That is when I began Weaving My Dream from a place of Wholeness, Love and Power.


Most women have experienced major adversity in their lifetime.

If you are one of them, maybe you've dealt with it.

Or maybe pain, old beliefs and low self esteem linger.

If so, do you really want to Weave your Dream from there?


Healing is an multi-faceted process. And for women, the pathway through is eased when we access the deep wisdom and nurturing of the Sacred Feminine in profound soul searching and Sisterhood. Women help women excavate their True Self and navigate back to Wholeness, Light and Joy. Women help women heal broken hearts, broken dreams, broken lives.

About five years ago, I was preparing for a women's Equinox Gathering with friends, searching for wisdom I could offer. In meditation, I saw a "passageway"of my own healing journey through trauma. Fast forward to the present. Now an e-workbook and one of my essential tools, "The Five Life Passages of Transformation," was born from that meditation. These Passages and other tools helped me understand how I owned and embraced adversity as my teacher and my innate gifts, using them as my medicine and my power. And now they are way to assist other women.